Washington DC Garage Door Broken Spring

You don’t need to take for granted a broken garage door spring. Garage door spring replacement is very dangerous if you are not aware of how powerful these mechanisms are. It might bring you and your family’s life into danger and we don’t want that thing to happen!

That is why at Washington DC Garage Door, we offers top of high quality of broken spring repair services for all your garage door needs in Washington, DC area. Our professional technicians will handle the job for you and guarantee you a very satisfying spring repair service by applying the most advance technology yet in a very affordable price. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and exceeds customers’ expectations.

So if you’re dealing with a broken spring in your garage let our hands fix it for you in a very professional manner. At Washington DC Garage Door, we know how important for you to have a garage door that runs smoothly and provide you safety every day. To avail our services you can reach us at             (202) 559-6121       and we promise you one thing, we will never let you down!

If you have a broken spring Washington Garage Doors will be right at your service to assist you and repair it.  Whether a broken spring needs repair or a garage door spring is corroded and you need to install a new one, our elite group of mechanics will be at your home within the hour and fix the problem within as little as 30 minutes!


Although you may know the ins-and-outs of garage door parts, some things are just better left to professionals.   Fixing a spring is extremely hazardous; it could snap and severely harm you or someone nearby. You also run a risk of damaging it even more than its initial state causing you to have to pay up to triple the price of what it would have been in the first place.  Our garage door company in Washington D.C. has technicians that specialize in repairing springs, replacing springs and installing springs.  Instead of repairing it yourself, save your time and effort and give us a call we will make sure we give you the most reasonable price you can get in the market.  Washington Garage Doors24/7emergency service allows us to have fast turnaround responses to any of our customers in need.  If you’re spring fails and your garage door collapses on an obstruction in the door path, call us now and we’ll have someone open your garage in no time.  Contrary to the belief that the garage door opener is the cause of the garage door to run smoothly, it is in fact the springs that play a vital role in opening and closing the garage with little effort.  So, if you have a broken spring or even if you just need an inspection give us a call now and we’ll take care of it.

Washington Garage Doors provide:

One-piece garage door springs
Extended Lifespan Torsion Spring (for heavy traffic commercial doors)
Single Torsion Spring Alternative for light garage doorways
Double Torsion Alternative for heavier garage doorways
Extension spring alternative for both single vehicle garages and double vehicle garages
Converting a non-standard garage door spring
Complete door adjustment

Washington D.C. Garage Doors also includes services to make sure that the job done lasts long which are:

Tightening and aligning all moving parts
Lubrication of all moving parts
Garage door opener function
Garage door balance operation

Whatever kind of door you have, Washington D.C. Garage Doors can repair the spring!

All commercial doors and residential doors:

Glass doors
Steel doors
Wooden doors
Walk-thru doors
Carriage house doors
Fire doors
Traffic doors
Loading dock doors
Thermal insulated doors
Rollup doors
High speed doors
One-piece curtain doors
Counterweight doors

Washington DC Garage Doors replaces, repairs, installs springs on different types of properties:

Municipal edifices
Car dealerships
Residential homes
Warehouse Industries

All Spring Substitutes are completed using High Cycle Oil Tempered Springs.


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